All she ever wanted


All she wanted to do was a take a day off.
Paint her nails after years of nakedness.
Listen to jazz all day and finally open that vintage bottle of wine.
All she wanted was a day of silence. In her own home and nowhere else. Send her cape to the laundry and relax her shoulders from the responsibilities.

All she wanted was to keep the child inside her alive. Eat ice cream for lunch.
And snuggle with the minion.
Not care how her hair looks or worry about her fat calves.
All she wanted was a day of solitude. So that she could rest and hear her own thoughts, instead of listening to others’.


So she took a day off. Did everything she wanted to. Did nothing at all.
She indulged in ice cream and wine.
Laughed alone and slept peacefully.
She got her day.

Next day she woke up with a plan. Of always doing what she wanted.

Of making everyday like yesterday.

Of never letting her dreams fray.

Then she took on the world without a cape.

And fought for her rights and escapades.

Grew only stronger with every downfall

She wanted to fly, not just crawl.


Slowly but surely she did just that,

And realized that this was just the start.

Her whole life she lived to the fullest,

She drew strength from things that had her once haunted,

And all she ever got was everything she ever wanted!




Why aren’t all living things given a mind to think and a mouth to speak?


Why don’t all speaking mouths use their mind  before they speak?


Why aren’t all great minds allowed to speak what they think?


And just Why didn’t God think…before making human beings?

take a step back…take a leap!

Whenever you want to start a new venture, whenever you want to overcome a fear, whenever you want to bring about a change, or simply transcend in to another year…..

Just take a step back first, take a step back and contemplate for a moment…

Take a moment to clear the fog from your head, to think of the road that lies ahead…

Take moment to forgive those who wronged you, forget who ignored you…put behind all ill feelings.

Take a moment to reflect upon your own deeds…all the mistakes that you did, resolute never to repeat them and then get over the guilt!

Take a moment of silence for those who left you forever, soak in their memories, pray their soul may rest in peace.

Take a moment to appreciate nature, be gratified to your earth, for blessing you with all she has…

Take a moment to value people around you…who made you smile, laugh and learn.




Take a step back, get your emotions right,

Take a step back, and get determined…

Take a step back and learn to respect, love, and live,

Take a step back…and then take a leap!

Happy New Year!