Spiti Shots Series (1)

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Langza, Himachal Pradesh, India.

I wonder as I wander…I wonder what would it be like to live here for a while?

For a longer while?





Jinx is broken…finally!

Finally the burden is off my shoulder!!!Now I can sleep with peace….the spell has been lifted, and I promise myself never to bring it back!!!

It had been quite some time (I wouldn’t specify the period, it’s just too embarrassing), that I had not finished reading a book…a half read book was my nightmare…but lately I had grown immune to that too!!! Every night before sleeping, I used to be gripped by fear…I used to nibble at my nails, look at the pile of books in my shelf crying out to be picked up and be gobbled in…I used to look in all directions….is anyone seeing me ignore these poor creatures…and with a guilt, used to succumb to my cozy bed!!! I used to be such a reader, but lately had just lost the want to feel the thrill that reading is!!

Was I picking up the wrong books? Was I too busy to take out time for reading? Was I exhausted for reading…well to hell with the reasons (or rather excuses)!!! They don’t mean anything now, now that the jinx is broken…finally!!! And it would be only unfair to mention the book that helped me  go back to sleep peacefully!!!

Superfreakonomics it was!!!

And thanks to Sheetal too, who gave me her copy!! This book is unlike any book I have read! Though it filled with statistics and inventions and research, it is at no point even close to getting boring!!! After reading this book Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner have gained another fan, and i…I have gained peace of mind! I’m just glad to take out the bookmark out of the finished book…and hereby promise myself that I would never ever leave another book I pick up unfinished!!

To reading….cheers!!!

Have you ever been through such a phase??? How did you get over it?