Spiti Shots Series (2)


Hikkim, Himacha Pradesh. Highest post office in the world.


Why stop at high? Go higher…reach to the highest!


cloud no.9

While on a journey,we are always marvelled by the landscape on our route…but we tend to neglect the dynamic art of the clouds that we get a chance to witness when we get away from the concrete jungle.Here are a few shots I took on my recent trip to the konkan…They are not taken from a dSLR and taken while in motion…so please just try to see the beauty of the nature,rather than the quality of the shot!!


Get back to your childhood days and try to figure out pictures in the clouds…tell me…what do you see?

there will be no blood…

It all starts from a tiny sprout…the birth of a new life!It takes years for it to grow  large and strong enough to give back to nature what it has absorbed from all these years…

It is not selfish,like us humans…it only motive in life is…to be!To give its surroundings all that it has….It not only gives shade from the sun,it gives peace.Along with fruits and flowers,it gives everyone memories of stealing them from the neighbours garden!It won’t shudder if you climb on it,it won’t stop providing you if you ignore it.It will keep growing ,at its own peaceful rate…oblivious to the fact of being surrounded by mean,ungrateful humans.

Humans…no,these are non-humans!They  climb up mercilessly,with an axe in hand…chop with a blow…but it stands tall.They keep kicking…striking harder untill it collapses…with a thud and lays there to be again struck by an axe or burned down in a fire…It won’t oppose,it won’t protest…it will remain silent all throughout the act of cruelty.There will be no blood…to make them feel guilty but the act is no less a crime…a life has been taken…and it keeps happening.

The green goes down…making space for the greedy selfish breed,like it is the law of nature…changing the actual law of  nature.It hurts deep down my shallow heart..to see these killings…an appeal to all to refrain  this cold bloodless killings…stop disrespecting nature,start being human!!