10 things i don’t understand…

1. I don’t understand why people smoke…do they think it’s cool??? if so,I would like to know what is their definition of being cool?

2. I don’t understand why people are so lazy that they can’t move their hand a little bit and give an indicator for taking a turn while driving…c’mon,how much effort does it really take?!

3. I don’t understand why most middle-aged people are so prejudiced about different genres of music…I mean how can you describe rock(or any western genre for that matter) music as nothing but ‘ noise made by yelling people’ or classical music as ‘boring’ if you haven’t even tried listening or understanding it!!!

4. I don’t understand how,no matter with whom im eating,I’m always the last one with food on my plate….why does everyone eat so fast???? Do you even eat….or just gobble down the food??

5. I don’t understand  if people walk on the road….what the hell are footpaths for????  When will pedestrians understand walking on footpaths is the right thing to do!

6.  I don’t understand why can’t people just activate their cell phone’s silent mode in a theatre. Don’t they ever feel guilty for spoiling the moment in the movie for others???

7. I don’t understand how a professor can fall asleep in class when some other professor is giving a lecture!!!! Yeah,I have seen this happen in my college!

8. I don’t understand why females lie about their age…really,how does it change anything??

9. I don’t understand what fame,pleasure or satisfaction do politicians get when they see their and their family member’s faces,along with funny nicknames on the streets,on huge hoardings!!! seriously….give me a break!

10. I don’t understand why some people are so brand conscious…it’s not going to kill you to wear or use something with not so fancy name and not so expensive price tag once in a while!


Do it alone…

I was a little apprehensive,i had never done this before…i had seen lot of people doing it before,and i always wondered how and why they did it???

Well,don’t put your dirty minds to work…im talking about shopping alone!!! Yes,untill recently,i had never gone all by myself to get anything…well except groceries or medicines! ‘Shopping’ alone…i was completely alien to the concept.I had to get books the other day…and i had waited for quite a few days because i didn’t have company,but that day i was so bored,and annoyed and just nothing else to do…i decided to go alone.And i was glad i didn’t stay back home that day.It is not bad as it looks…going alone somewhere,and definitely for buying books.Firstly,i was really glad that bookstore was stocked with books by Indian authors,i have a thing for them and always end up buying Indian books rather than classics!

i like to take my own sweet time…well,for everything, but esp for picking up books.And this time around,there was no one to push me!i peacefully went through all sections,and read synopsis of more than a few books.Neither once did i feel like taking someone else’s opinion as to how would he/she find the book.It was oddly peaceful…the whole thing! i also thought that online shopping was taking away this…the satisfaction of smelling the book,feeling it in your hands before actually buying it…i had missed this for such a long time!
i had a good time all by myself,and me being completely a ‘friends and family’ person….i thought i needed this.i loved the silence and placidity of the bookstore and i also ended up buying better books(yes,by Indian authors) than last couple of times.I have shed my inhibition about doing things alone…i have rather started to luxuriate in it.i also happened to travel alone this week and yet again,i realised the joy behind it.I soaked in all the coldplay and Pink Floyd and Nirvana….looking throught the window,seeing the countryside zooming by…peaceful!

I think everyone should try it…for the sake of true contenment.Next time around,when you really want to do something and you don’t have company…realise that it’s a great opportunity!!!Go ahead,do it alone..And you’ll find better things…

(P.S. : For my guest blogger,you will have to wait a little longer)

Daily Rituals

There are many little little things in our daily schedule, that make our life comfortable or better or even happier!!! This post is to such stuff in my life,that i am thankful to…for being in my  life,everyday…!

1. My cozy blanket, thank you for all the warmth and putting me to sleep every night!!!

my cozy blue blanket


2. My colossal mug  of brewing coffee and TOI…they really wake me up!

coffee...my first love!


3. My colourful hair crunches…that make my hair manageable and keep them somewhat in place…!

hair crunches


4. My numerous notebooks…sometimes when im bored,they become doodle pads, some rare times they become sketch books and on even rare occasion,they become real notebooks with academic notes…some times they become rough pages for quickly jotting down something,and sometimes they become my diaries…to vent out my emotions!

my dear notebooks 🙂


5.  My new watch…a gift from my dearest friend Ekta…i had almost forgotten how much i used to be addicted to my old watch…and well here it is…revival of the addiction!!

new watch!!


6. And the controversial green chappals…NO ONE around me likes them…green? chappals?…they don’t even cover your scars!…seriously???…well all i can say is i love them 🙂

my fav chappals


These things…i have to have in my everyday life…almost like a ritual…and im so thankful to Him for blessing me enough to enjoy these things…that make up my simple life!!!

countless trifle pleasures

Every one of us has a desire for freedom.Especially while growing up(growing to be thirty!). A desire to be set free,to fly high…but what about the freedom within the confines of a space?Of having your own space,your own room?

Like thousands of hundreds of other Indian middle class families,i live i a small house…we have only one door,the main door.Sometimes for freedom,i think it is important to be locked in a room…sounds ironic,right?But then those who have had the pleasure of having their own room won’t get it.pain is…where the pinch is!

i always dream of this freedom…freedom in my room…to get up late on weekends,freedom to watch the re-runs of my favourite series countless number of times..to run a movie marathon throughout the night,to shut the door and turn on the volume,while listening to your favourite song…and sing along without the inhibition of being heard! To sit on the computer for hours without the guilt of possibly disturbing your sleeping sibling.To read in dim light with a hot pot of coffee, into the wee hours of night,untill you hear the birds chirping!To call your best friend for a night out just as much as you go to her place!to keep on chattering, laughing…

The freedom to take your time to get ready for any occasion,to try on numerous outfits and stare at the mirror untill you get just the perfect dress!!To throw around dirty clothes and chocolate wrappers!!To do a little dance in front of the mirror…to talk to yourself..to write down your thoughts without anyone knowing it..to just stare out of the window on a dark rainy night…

Like so many others,i live with this desire …of my own little abode..which would give me the countless trifle pleasures of life…with a hope for freedom..