21st April 2011

Three old friends…two awesome places,some great music,food, and one long unforgettable  night…

Our lives have changed so much since the good old school days,yet  yesterday when we were playing those childhood ‘games’…it was like nothing had changed at all…the same anticipation,innocence and frivolity and the genuine feeling of being in the state of pure happiness just by being in each other’s company.Only a few people can do that to you,and when we sat yesterday,late in the night,on those steps outside the house,i knew this was one of the most important times in our lives.And even though we were talking absolute rubbish(ok,..i was talking absolute rubbish,and you both were laughing over it),i know you both felt it too!!

Soul sisters…thats what the two girls are to me!!Reading each other like open book,saying silly and honest things without the fear of being judged,or misunderstood,hopping in a rhythm while walking(yes sayali,we did that while your busy with Mr.USA and shooing us away),or just watching the beautiful flowers from my favourite tree in the garden sway in the wind(haha…i know,this time around too,it was just me watching that), or eating the leftover Bolognese pasta at 2.30 a(which somehow had turned tastier)…i cant imagine all this without the two of you.I have had the best times with both of you individually,but with the three of us coming together…could it get any better???

I know we three have three different directions to go in,three different dreams to chase…but i know that wherever life takes us,nothing….just nothing can keep us away.Especially after yesterday,after all the hugs and the peaceful nothingness….the bonding just took another level.Hope we have many such moments before anyone of us ‘flies’ away!!!

Love you both!

the trio