guest coming over

Well,since im going to be little too much occupied with many things right now,im inviting a dear friend to be guest blogger here…Abhi,as far as i knw,hes good at everything he does!! i have had a glimpse of his writing,and i couldnt have made a better choice…so enjoy his words in the coming days 🙂


take a step back…take a leap!

Whenever you want to start a new venture, whenever you want to overcome a fear, whenever you want to bring about a change, or simply transcend in to another year…..

Just take a step back first, take a step back and contemplate for a moment…

Take a moment to clear the fog from your head, to think of the road that lies ahead…

Take moment to forgive those who wronged you, forget who ignored you…put behind all ill feelings.

Take a moment to reflect upon your own deeds…all the mistakes that you did, resolute never to repeat them and then get over the guilt!

Take a moment of silence for those who left you forever, soak in their memories, pray their soul may rest in peace.

Take a moment to appreciate nature, be gratified to your earth, for blessing you with all she has…

Take a moment to value people around you…who made you smile, laugh and learn.




Take a step back, get your emotions right,

Take a step back, and get determined…

Take a step back and learn to respect, love, and live,

Take a step back…and then take a leap!

Happy New Year!


For the start of a new phase in my life,i have decided to overcome one of my shortcomings…my unintentional bad habit,to which i have never openly admitted of…impunctuality!i am not always late,but yes,i am not that kind of person who makes it a point to be on time.i havent been strict on myself about this…till now

From today,i have decided to be punctual…and more organised,in general,in life.And i seem to have been successful the first day! i was at the office at sharp 9.30 am!! (but someone wasn’t,and i had to wait half an hour outside!!!).i went to job on time,and left from office on time too.My clothes lie clean and pressed,ready to be worn,my bottle filled,waiting to be picked up from the fridge…my alarm clock set at 6.30am and medicine in my bag…i am all set for tomorrow!these little little things will help me be more organised and punctual.After all Usain Bolt too (must have) started walking with baby steps!Tiny things in life are the most precious one’s,but somehow often neglected.But now  i have realised,every little thing counts, small steps are steadyl but surely going to take you closer to your goal…which for me,as of now,is being punctual!Well,the starts seems good…stay tuned,and keep a check on this space…it will keep me going!

to new beginnings..

Here’s to the new beginnings!Its not just a new beginning of a month,but some new hopes,new anxiety,new ventures,new self-exploration…and a new -never-experienced-before-phase of life.And of course,new interactions,new revelations and a whole new unexplored world of “BLOGs”.

To start with,i am a simple 23 year old girl, born and brought up in the lovely city of Pune(Maharashtra,INDIA).In many ways, i am a typical Puneri,and really proud of it too!But in many other ways, i am a complete non conventional.Even though i have been brought up in a typical  midddle class Indian family,my thoughts have managed to remain unorthodox.i can accept and understand anything and anyone in my life.

Now,i start a new job(architectural internship), a second attempt to learning guitar,and this precious (to me) thing – new blog!Writing is the one thing i enjoy the most in life, and have been looking forward to this wonderful medium.So here it is!My expression,my thoughts,my feelings…with no inhibitions and filled with love: Earthymind!

P.S: use of small “i” is to denote that i am just a tiny being in the huge world,with a humble ego!