Pudhcha varshe lavkar ya…

I was stuck in the office even on the last day…but i could hear drum beats and taasha all day long…there is a huge procession to bid Ganpati farewell,theres music,dance,lejhem performance and much much more…i couldnt go out to capture it all,but will try to get pictures to upload here….

For today,i have snap from my friend Dhanno,who is currently in Delhi….i was so so glad to receive her mail…and a million thanks to her.

Image courtesy:Dhanashree Khetmalis


Ganesh utsav: Day 11

Last but one day…outside everyone is gearing up to bid farewell tomorrow…

Today here are pics by my friend from Nagpur,Parul…some really great shots…she even has Gauri at her place,and i am posting some shots from that day too…

Thanks a lot to her for these wonderful pics…

images courtesy:Parul Nilakhe

Ganesh Utsav:Day6

Yesterday was the day when Gauri(Parvati,Ganpati’s mother) is worshipped and offered an elaborate meal,in many of Indian houses.A day before,her arrival is marked symbolically by drawing footmarks.Today she is bid farewell,and like ours,many people immerse their Ganesh idols today,with heavy hearts.

Here are photographs of the Gauri,from my friend Mangesh…im really thankful to him for keeping in mind and sending over the snaps.

A lot of effort is taken by women,like kaku here, to decorate the Gauri idols,right from the backdrop to the crown and minute details like nathni(ornament worn in nose) and bindi,like you can see in the close up here.

More images flowing your way in coming days too…keep tack!

Images courtesy:Mangesh Deshpande