All she ever wanted


All she wanted to do was a take a day off.
Paint her nails after years of nakedness.
Listen to jazz all day and finally open that vintage bottle of wine.
All she wanted was a day of silence. In her own home and nowhere else. Send her cape to the laundry and relax her shoulders from the responsibilities.

All she wanted was to keep the child inside her alive. Eat ice cream for lunch.
And snuggle with the minion.
Not care how her hair looks or worry about her fat calves.
All she wanted was a day of solitude. So that she could rest and hear her own thoughts, instead of listening to others’.


So she took a day off. Did everything she wanted to. Did nothing at all.
She indulged in ice cream and wine.
Laughed alone and slept peacefully.
She got her day.

Next day she woke up with a plan. Of always doing what she wanted.

Of making everyday like yesterday.

Of never letting her dreams fray.

Then she took on the world without a cape.

And fought for her rights and escapades.

Grew only stronger with every downfall

She wanted to fly, not just crawl.


Slowly but surely she did just that,

And realized that this was just the start.

Her whole life she lived to the fullest,

She drew strength from things that had her once haunted,

And all she ever got was everything she ever wanted!



— Death Note —

I spent long summer nights, waiting for you.

Sipping whisky, listening to the blues.

Thinking of the times when we were kids,

You loved pulling my hair as I made you my prop for practicing the jump kicks.


As we grew older, you started to care.

And once I caught you smelling my hair.

I couldn’t help but resonate the thought,

There was a whirlwind of incomprehensible feelings in my heart.


And before I knew, you swept me off my feet.

Asked me the question, and popped a ring.

I was confounded by all that charm,

As I soared high with these newly found wings.


There was that day, and then there’s now.

It took me a while to find out that you were sleeping around.

I was left with no option but to leave you alone,

Run to the mountains and embrace the snow.


Now as I stand here, struggling with my vertigo,

The valley looks welcoming down below…

These rocks, trees and pristine snow,

Will witness my fall…as here at dawn I’ll end it all.


The newspapers will read : A girl jumped off the mountain!

Grief stricken, heart-broken.

Never to find who she really was…

As somewhere far, a mad man runs wild, breaking other beautiful hearts.

Black Dussehra

It was supposed to be a business-as-usual Wednesday for me. 21st October 2015.
But since I read the newspaper that day, to the moment i am writing this, two days after, my mind has been preoccupied with only one thing.

Two innocent kids burnt alive.

It is not the kind of thing you want to read in news. The last thing you want to read even if it were fiction. But this is real life.

Next day. 22nd October 2015. The auspicious day of Dussehra.
The mother, who suffered 30% burns and is critical, has been informed that her 3-year-old son and 9 month old girl have been charred to death.

That’s right. Her children were charred. (Read the Indian Express news here.)

How is anyone supposed to celebrate a festival after reading something like that?

I couldn’t. I have been restless ever since and there are so many questions jumping in my head.

How could any human being even think of committing such a crime? What was he (or they) thinking? What did he face to have thought of such a revenge? Has tolerance and patience in us really gone down? Or was he stupid enough to not understand the severity of the consequences of his actions? Was he under the influence of some sense altering substance?

Is caste really bigger than humanity?

I know for a fact that tolerance and patience are on a decline in general in the society. And i can say that from my own example. On a scale from 1 to 100, my patience level was at around 90 and now it is somewhere around 60. I have had my rough days, but frankly, what horrors have I really seen in my life? Only the hardships of a normal Indian girl.

Are people in today’s world really so frustrated with their lives, that they are forgetting who we really are? Humans. And not animals, who need to kill for survival. Have things really gone so worse that even babies are not spared?

What misfortunes are people facing to have gone so mindless?

Is this all politics?

Is this what they say is Kaliyuga?

Is there no hope for better days?

As you can see, i am pretty much where i left you few years back. Full of questions. And very few answers. So i’ll leave you with these thoughts and a very heavy heart, mourning for the family and praying, no other family has suffer such monstrosity.

May those tiny innocent souls rest in peace.

(Yes, i’m back to blogging.)

Adios Amigos…

Around this time,…no.Exactly this time last year, something wonderful became a part of my life,something that added depth to my life and something that i will always cherish…for a lifetime!

I’m extremely glad i have been able to maintain earthymind for over a year now…all my friends and family have supported and encouraged me so much…it has been a driving force for me to keep at it.

I remember the joy when i got my first comment from an unknown person 😛 And then people from all over the world were reading,commenting and even subscribing for my blog….im really thankful to all my subscribers!!!

Honestly,i never thought so many people would read it…i had never meant it that way.I really don’t know why i publicised it on Facebook,i never wanted to…but i did.

But, thank you Sayali(really,the whole blog thing came to me because of you!), Sheetal, Rucha, Prachi, Aruna kaku, Devika, Rutwij, Nupur, Tejashree, Abhishek, Tanuja, Bakul,Suvarna,Nirzari,Shruti,Shraddha,Radhika,Aditya,Sameer,Pari,Preeti,Soham,Prithvi, Parth…all those who have been following my blog religiously and giving me feedback…i really appreciate it!

But the purpose with which i started this blog has got lost somewhere.I always get awfully awkward when people mention my blog to me in person…this is not what i had wanted.Also i have pursued this blog for a year,without really getting bored at it…so in a way,the purpose behind starting this blog has also been met with.

I am trying to cut down on the total web thing,and letting go this blog is one big thing that i am going to try now.

So,yes…this is officially the last post from me,earthymind…im not going to stop writing or taking photographs.But it will be just for a different purpose…or no purpose at all…I dont know if ill come back,im going to miss this for sure…but this is the end as of now.

Adios Amigos!

Luv Earthymind!