Adios Amigos…

Around this time,…no.Exactly this time last year, something wonderful became a part of my life,something that added depth to my life and something that i will always cherish…for a lifetime!

I’m extremely glad i have been able to maintain earthymind for over a year now…all my friends and family have supported and encouraged me so much…it has been a driving force for me to keep at it.

I remember the joy when i got my first comment from an unknown person 😛 And then people from all over the world were reading,commenting and even subscribing for my blog….im really thankful to all my subscribers!!!

Honestly,i never thought so many people would read it…i had never meant it that way.I really don’t know why i publicised it on Facebook,i never wanted to…but i did.

But, thank you Sayali(really,the whole blog thing came to me because of you!), Sheetal, Rucha, Prachi, Aruna kaku, Devika, Rutwij, Nupur, Tejashree, Abhishek, Tanuja, Bakul,Suvarna,Nirzari,Shruti,Shraddha,Radhika,Aditya,Sameer,Pari,Preeti,Soham,Prithvi, Parth…all those who have been following my blog religiously and giving me feedback…i really appreciate it!

But the purpose with which i started this blog has got lost somewhere.I always get awfully awkward when people mention my blog to me in person…this is not what i had wanted.Also i have pursued this blog for a year,without really getting bored at it…so in a way,the purpose behind starting this blog has also been met with.

I am trying to cut down on the total web thing,and letting go this blog is one big thing that i am going to try now.

So,yes…this is officially the last post from me,earthymind…im not going to stop writing or taking photographs.But it will be just for a different purpose…or no purpose at all…I dont know if ill come back,im going to miss this for sure…but this is the end as of now.

Adios Amigos!

Luv Earthymind!


2 thoughts on “Adios Amigos…

  1. Tejashree says:

    Its’ been pleasure going through the versatile posts!
    But I think you should continue here so that we can still have more pleasure…! But the decision is left for your choice! Good luck 🙂

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