10 things i don’t understand…

1. I don’t understand why people smoke…do they think it’s cool??? if so,I would like to know what is their definition of being cool?

2. I don’t understand why people are so lazy that they can’t move their hand a little bit and give an indicator for taking a turn while driving…c’mon,how much effort does it really take?!

3. I don’t understand why most middle-aged people are so prejudiced about different genres of music…I mean how can you describe rock(or any western genre for that matter) music as nothing but ‘ noise made by yelling people’ or classical music as ‘boring’ if you haven’t even tried listening or understanding it!!!

4. I don’t understand how,no matter with whom im eating,I’m always the last one with food on my plate….why does everyone eat so fast???? Do you even eat….or just gobble down the food??

5. I don’t understand  if people walk on the road….what the hell are footpaths for????  When will pedestrians understand walking on footpaths is the right thing to do!

6.  I don’t understand why can’t people just activate their cell phone’s silent mode in a theatre. Don’t they ever feel guilty for spoiling the moment in the movie for others???

7. I don’t understand how a professor can fall asleep in class when some other professor is giving a lecture!!!! Yeah,I have seen this happen in my college!

8. I don’t understand why females lie about their age…really,how does it change anything??

9. I don’t understand what fame,pleasure or satisfaction do politicians get when they see their and their family member’s faces,along with funny nicknames on the streets,on huge hoardings!!! seriously….give me a break!

10. I don’t understand why some people are so brand conscious…it’s not going to kill you to wear or use something with not so fancy name and not so expensive price tag once in a while!


2 thoughts on “10 things i don’t understand…

  1. hi
    I am going to try and answer your questions as per my understanding basically cause i too thought about them many times. let us see if we think alike.

    smoking starts first as a result of curiosity, a bravado, and sometimes may be by peer pressure.. But it is addictive and once u r hooked, very difficult to get rid of. Nothing cool about it.

    Middleaged people!—well here i can be more sure about my thoughts. they are set in their ways and secure and happy about it.any change or variation disturbs their comfortable existence! Thus they either refuse to accept it or try to find faults with it. Witness their reluctance to learn computer, use ATM or mobiles too!
    secondly, they are afraid of ridicule, in case they make mistakes!

    You just have to learn to eat faster sweetie. By the way that is an Erande-malady.

    If the footpaths were not cluttered with-smalltime vendors, trees, treeguard(empty),garbage and what not, i suppose it would be a lot easier to walk on the foot-paths.

    not putting the mobiles on silent mode—well ignorance {hoe to out it on silent 😦 } is the mejor reason other than ,over confidence perhaps!

    liying about age is universal. Even men do it.

    the politicians are there to entertain us silly.

    Exhibitionism! the biggest of the sins is the reason of showing off with brads and name-dropping.

    • well i know you have valid explainations, but what i dont understand is why these things are like that, i mean they can be a bit different if we all kept a broad mind and took some efforts…and i dont agree with the pedestrian thing,even at plces where there are good footpaths and no hawkers…people flood the road.You should see the m.g. road….people beahce as if it still is a walking plaza! And the politician thing is anything but hilarious….all the money goes such a waste!
      Thank u for patiently trying to reason out!!! Really appreciate it!

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