Think More and TALK Less- guest post.thank u Abhi

If only people could think more before they blurted out a word, life would have been so much more organized, much more civilized and really cordial.

Half of the things people end up saying, are really unnecessary. It is completely unnecessary to speak out all your thoughts at the actual speed that they arrive into the powerful memory bank called your brain. Words used wisely can turn into awesome weapons. Like that sword in a needy soldier’s hand at the time of war. If used in excess, eventually a day might come when the words you speak may just lose the importance and value they hold. Words used should be few but well surely well thought and calculative. They should be able to convey the actual deep and important thought rather than just a string words blurted out for the sake of it. Thinking is a virtue one should possess, for it’s far more important than actually being able to speak. A skill set can always be developed even though it’s a hard process, but stimulating the natural potential is even harder to nurture. Thinking is a catalyst to this stimulation of the basic intelligence in the human brain! Thinking gives a window of opportunity for observations. And observations help mould your thoughts in terms of clarity and quality as well. Thinking more enables a fluency in the actual things that we end up speaking. A certain degree of enhanced aptness is ensured in the things that we talk if they are well thought about.

It’s always said that the things practical thing can teach one, nothing else can. Definitely “Think more and Talk less” is a philosophy people should give a thought to! It can be a life changer!


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