The Going Away…

Her sleep was broken by the sound of the window shutter swaying madly in the wind. She did not open her eyes, there was no need to search the house. She knew she was alone…that he had left, just like he had said he would. She tried to go back to sleep, to her world of dreams. But she was too overwhelmed to sleep again, for many days to come…

She opened her eyes to too much light, she had never woken up after the sunrise before this. It was all very bright for her, yet unclear, hazy. She closed the window to her right. And there was deafening silence. She could hear her own breath, and her heartbeats too. With great effort she walked to the front door and opened it. She stood there for a long time…staring at the horizon across the fields, searching for his signs. Her sari fluttered over her toe rings, tickling her. Normally she would have giggled, revealing a deep dimple on her right cheek…but now, she didn’t feel it. She did not feel the prick of the cold wind on her soft fair skin. She did not feel the wind ruffle her hair over her bindi. She felt nothing. Only the void.

She knew she was alone now. But she did not know for how long. She wasn’t sure when he would return…there was no knowing. Her naïve mind did not understand why some people became ‘enemies’ only because a bunch of powerful people said so. All she knew was, she was now alone.

She could now hear the wind in the fields. Her gaze floated from the horizon to the enormous stretch of land in front of her, covered with corns of maize, fluttering in the wind, waiting to be harvested. She closed her eyes tight  in desperation, trying to silence the havoc of thoughts running in her mind…she heaved just once.

And then she stepped out of the house, closed the door behind her, collected sickles and chaff cutters from verandah, held it on one side of her waist…and like it were just another day, started walking towards her farm…


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