remember me

Its been more than seven months now…i hope your healthy again.I hope you have found your space, and that you are at peace.I hope all the pain has vanished.I hope you are smiling again…and looking down upon us.I hope we are the reason behind your smile.I hope we are making you proud.I hope you remember me…us! i hope you see how much we still miss you…and how little time has managed to heal us,and yet life is moving on.I hope you know we will never fight your memories,instead derive inspiration from it….that will help us move on…and we will take you with us,wherever we are,you will always be with us.

I hope you are healthy again,and i hope you have found peace again.


2 thoughts on “remember me

  1. aruna says:

    very touching. we all remember him fondly and with love. I am sure he is still keeping a benevolent eye on all of us.

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