konkani flavours…

These were taken during my recent short tour to Diveagar…in an attempt to capture the essence of a typical Konkani village in Maharashtra.

the beauty


the early morning sun


the innocence


the progress


the vibrancy


the fruit


the laid back life


these beautiful weaved baskets were all around the town!!


8 thoughts on “konkani flavours…

  1. Rutwij Inamke says:

    Nice work, but capturing the essence of konkan wouldn’t be complete without the ‘singular’ binge drinkers and why is commenting such a pain on this website.

    • yes,i agree..that and a perfect sunset by the beach shot…missed out on that too!
      and commenting is like that only,on all bloggging sites!!
      thanks for the comment…

  2. Tejashree says:

    Also, the red soil in the village and the white sand at the beach 🙂
    ‘The laid back life’ is perfect!

  3. aruna says:

    that’s right. we need pic.s of sea and the coconut trees and such. but those we see a plenty, many a times. i liked the idea of capturing the essence of the people!

  4. Randomly came across your blog. And then I saw this post; particularly the photos and I was floored. Lovely shots. Would have been nice if you’d also included a short description of the village, so that foreigners like myself would be able to greater appreciate and understand what you’ve seen and experienced in the setting. Best wishes!

    • thank you so much for your comment.and i will def. take your suggestion and add in more description from next time onwards….keep coming back,im hoping to keep adding more of pictures taken by me….

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