The not-so-sweet ad…

There is this new McDonald’s advertisement on air…featuring two kids as their ‘models’ and as ‘girl friend-boy friend’. Everyone around is going ga ga over the ad…’so sweet’, ‘so cute’…but honestly, the first time I saw the ad I thought …what the hell!!! Now these little kids, who are supposed to be savoring ‘maa ke hath ka khana’, are being urged to go out and eat out through this advertisement. Using children as an object and hence as a target audience is a good advertising tactic. Children are being used in consumer goods advertisements that are not even meant for kids. There was a similar trend around 5-6 years before, and I remember my sister had her advertising thesis on the same issue. Then there were the old people, and now it is back to little kids.

I said this to be an issue, because it is! Making use of the younger generation to promote sales of a product is quite an effective tactic, but how ethical is it really? If the future citizens of India keep gobbling burgers or decides for the family which car to buy, or back answers their parents or demand only branded clothes to emulate the kid shown in advertisement, well, it’s not a bright future that we could hope for. I have nothing against McDonald, I have quite a few times eaten at their place, but the advertising minds just seem to be negligent towards their moral responsibility. And I truly condemn it! The kids in that specific ad are really sweet, sure…but the advertisement is not!!! Stop praising such ads and stop making them popular!!! It’s an honest appeal…


6 thoughts on “The not-so-sweet ad…

  1. Prachi says:

    So truely said… This ad is cute to watch for but come on…. kids of what say 5, 6 yrs are talking about being a couple!!! i mean a girlfrnd-boyfrnd! What the hell!! They are spoiling the younger generation and very rapidly than we think… this should stop somehwre… creativity has its own place but using innocent children for commercial purpose should stop. They should have some law in place or some censor board for TV commercials as well. Otherwsie wo din door nahi, jab humare apne bachhe school se ayenge aur bolenge mummy aj main apne boyfriend ke saath dinner ke liye ja rahi hu…. BANG!!! a tight slap of reality on our own face!

  2. rucha says:

    well thought!!..and how true!.such things are killing the innocence and arresting their creative growth. 🙂
    i like reading your blog.:-)

  3. aruna says:

    what you say is so very true.instead of inculcating healthy habits, we encourage the young ones to get into unhealthy habits. especially so, when now so many reports are shouting out the bad effects the fast food has on the health of people.
    There is another aspect to this add too. They are shown to be sort of courting each other and as a couple. isn’t it a bad influence on the young minds? at this age they should be playing and in general be innocent of such feelings!

  4. Tejashree says:

    The kids want to celebrate their Birthday parties only in MacD… their mothers are to be blamed for this. But, an irony is even parents feel ‘no jhanjhat’ for cooking at home.. and so they all go to MacD together for every weekend…!

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