The power of words!

The other day I was riding through the city…the uncivilized traffic, which is growing leaps and bounds in the city, makes riding a bike an unpleasant experience for me. The most important things I do while driving is to keep my cool, avoid the law breakers and concentrate on the road…

Ok, so coming back to the other day…these two girls were riding parallel to me, they were these hyper chattering kind of girls who can irritate you anywhere, but especially on road, while driving! We were driving along side to side for quite a stretch, and their giggly gossiping was just going on and on…and the thing that i feared happened…in over excitement of the juicy gossip that had just leaked out from the pillion rider, the girl riding lost her balance for a moment and she almost bumped into me!!! It was a close escape, only our mirrors brushed…but that really startled me, and I myself almost lost my balance…but those girls just zoomed past me, not even bothering to look back!

That was the end of my patience! This is just too much I though…the peace loving me had transformed into an angry me…there was smoke arising from behind my ears, and I was breathing fire!!! I started honking badly (I know, I should not have done that) and following those ignorant culprits…who the hell they think they are! In my mind, I was cursing them!! I wanted to overtake them, and in the process, glare at them with my now fiery eyes. I was about to catch up with them when they realized that the crazy honking girl on bike was the one they had almost knocked out…both of them turned for a moment and over the horns, yelled ‘soorrrry’ in chorus. They had the (stupid) terrorist style scarf on, but i’m sure they must have had smiled while apologising. And as if a reflex, I waved my hand in a gesture saying ‘no problem at all’. All my anger just melted in a split second! Had it not been for the same scarf, those girls would had seen, I was smiling too! (Point for my family and friends reading to note down,much to their delight…I was wearing a scarf!)

I was amazed how fast, just on hearing the word ‘sorry’ I cooled down. I was totally ready to pick up a fight that day…but I just smiled and went past them! That’s the power of words I guess…they can melt you, anger you, make your day or leave you broken-hearted!

I think ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ are one of the most powerful words, but are either under used or under estimated. Their generous use is not going to kill you, or your ego…but make the person on receiving end, is only going to feel better.

So every time you say anything to anyone, think…it is going to have an impact on them! Appreciate every thank you that comes your way and mean every sorry that you say…if I know you and I have said these words to you, I just want you to know that I really meant them!!!


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