take a step back…take a leap!

Whenever you want to start a new venture, whenever you want to overcome a fear, whenever you want to bring about a change, or simply transcend in to another year…..

Just take a step back first, take a step back and contemplate for a moment…

Take a moment to clear the fog from your head, to think of the road that lies ahead…

Take moment to forgive those who wronged you, forget who ignored you…put behind all ill feelings.

Take a moment to reflect upon your own deeds…all the mistakes that you did, resolute never to repeat them and then get over the guilt!

Take a moment of silence for those who left you forever, soak in their memories, pray their soul may rest in peace.

Take a moment to appreciate nature, be gratified to your earth, for blessing you with all she has…

Take a moment to value people around you…who made you smile, laugh and learn.




Take a step back, get your emotions right,

Take a step back, and get determined…

Take a step back and learn to respect, love, and live,

Take a step back…and then take a leap!

Happy New Year!


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