slice of heaven…

Its been almost a week since i returned from the Rajasthan tour,but there’s still a certain hangover…well you can’t really shake off 12 days of fun so easily!!

Rajasthan…there are so many things i could write about this tour,about the wonderful palaces epitomising the super luxurious lifestyle of the bygone era,the robust forts that are outliving time,the narrow lanes in the heart of the city,the highlight of the tour :desert safari,the numerous lakes that we saw(which was actually a surprise) or about the extreme poverty in spite of flourishing tourism,the exceedingly high horn pitches,the quirky version of the local music…well i could just go on and on….But today i am not writing about this exquisite state of India,but more so about the tour…

This tour is one of the best times i have had till now…and it does not need a great deal of thinking,figuring out why…i have always liked people more than places(..or things),and the great time i had during this tour is also all thanks to the wonderful people i went with.People they were before,now they are these most amazing friends,and i am so glad they all took me in.I dont remember having so much fun before,laughing so much(well…except while being clicked,forgot to even smile then,damn),playing cards so much,…i have never been favoured so much..and that too by everyone!

I would just like to say a big big thank you to everyone,and that it means a lot to me,being one of you!i just hope that the bonding between everyone just keeps growing!

Here are a few group snaps from the tour…amazing moments,to be cherished forever,and beyound!Love you all!

@Udaipur palace




@ Dilwara Temple


Images courtesy:Aditya Deshmukh and Shraddha Deo

(more on the tour in coming days)


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