Machines are turning human!!!

Everything non living is non human!!All these things are expected to perform as per human instructions.But not with me!!!I have been having rather human experiences by all electronic and mechanical things around me.

Take for instance my computer.Everytime i switch it on,it takes varying amount of time to start…moody.On some fortunate days,it starts quickly and happily continues the speedy affair.

Sometimes when it is feeling blue,it will take all the time in the world to get started.

Yesterday my computer was having a bad ‘dust‘ day!!!It kept rebooting,untill finally we had to give up trying to start and just wait for the day to end…Even on better days i don’t know how,but it just freezes…and no matter how much you try to ‘refresh‘ it…it won’t!!!I can never understand these mood swings!!!

If all the electronic devices were to start imbibing human qualities,everyday would turn into a bizarre set of events…everyone keeps talking about humans turning into machines….but a greater danger might just be encroaching us..BEWARE…MACHINES ARE TURNING HUMAN!!!


3 thoughts on “Machines are turning human!!!

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