aadhi vandu tuj moraya!!

Ganpati bappa morya!!!The Ganesh festival is here!Though Ganpati arrived at our home in a somber mood due to the recent mishap in the family…the enthusiasm outside is jubilant!i had gone outside to get flowers and camphor and saw families flocking the Ganpati stalls to take home their idol.I saw equal levels of the enthusiasm across three generations…grandfather,son and grandson…everyone chanting “Ganpati bappa morya” or singing “morya re!bappa morya re!‘ 

Ganpati and i have a special connection…we share our birthdays,according to Indian calender!I have immense faith in him and Ganesh utsav is a great way for manifestation of our love for the Almighty. 

I am mostly enthusiast about this festival being celebrated at home,not much about the sarwajanik mandals(public groups).Although Pune is famous for the public celebration of this festival,i would love to bring to front God residing in everyone’s homes.I have decided to share this festival with eveyone…and would be uploading new Ganesha snaps over here,throughout the festival.All my friends,and everyone else are invited to contribute photographs. 

Today im uploading shots from my home.Over last 4 years we have been using the same silver idol to contribute reducing pollution.(Ganpati idols are let out in water as a farewell at the end of festival which has resulted into major pollution especially in Mumbai and Pune)No aaras(decoration) this time…but the faith and love for Him is undying… 

Hibiscus is His favourite flower


Ganpati bappa morya!


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