in loving memory….

The last time i saw him,i said to him “im going home now”.He didn’t say anything,just nodded.He wanted me to stay,i know…he never liked to hear us leave,but then…he left us all!

A trademark stature of the family,he stood tall,lean but erect!He was always busy with somework.I could never match up to his brisk walk…or enthusiasm! There are so many things about him that i could write about…his daily yoga routine,his constant experiments in the garden,his neem chutney,his meticulous methods in work(she would never agree though…),his concern for everyone’s health,his surprised expression on learning something new,his sharp memory (that stayed with him till the end),his strong will power,his aversion to outside food and secret love for icecream…but what i will always remember him for is his encouragement and love for all three of us-his grandchildren.He poured his heart on us…

Once my sister was staying at his place for a couple of days.It was winter and she had to go out to college early(not his early) in the morning.He heated water for her,not just for bath,but even for brushing her teeth! What if you catch cold, he said!He was always very sensitive towards us.His constant coaxing my cousin to study was just his love.He used to lovingly(never boastfully) tell everyone whenever he scored a first class!My best friend had compiled all my photos since childhood and made me a calendar out of it…He had fallen in love with the idea and that someone had done it for me.He asked me to keep it at his place for a few days and showed it to everyone who visited…Im sure he was the only one in the entire family who had read my college magazine…his never ending enthusiasm and persuasive nature…ill always miss!

One more thing that i will always remember about him is that he used to always read to us…some interesting story from a magazine,or news from our field of study…he used to call us and tell us about it,but he knew us well and the fact that we wouldn’t read.So he used to keep the paper aside and whenever we visited him,he used to read to us…

with grandmom in Kashmir,around 27 years ago...

I will miss him sorely,like everyone who were blessed to have him in their lives…Here are a few lines from “in loving memory” by Alter Bridge, a humble attempt to pay an homage to him,from all his loved ones…

I carry the things that remind me of you
In loving memory of
The one that was so true
Your were as kind as you could be
And even though you’re gone
You still mean the world to me

I’m glad he set you free from sorrow
I’ll still love you more tomorrow
And you will be here with me still…


4 thoughts on “in loving memory….

  1. prachi says:

    And dont forget the book of endless herbal cures that he has made out of his collection…. cure for my pimples… he used to give me a tip from his book everytime i visited….
    bass…. i can’t stop crying… ;( ;(

  2. Sneha says:

    Speechless!!! :’-((
    Even I recall it all the things… its really hard to accept the big lost!
    May his soul rest in peace…

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