countless trifle pleasures

Every one of us has a desire for freedom.Especially while growing up(growing to be thirty!). A desire to be set free,to fly high…but what about the freedom within the confines of a space?Of having your own space,your own room?

Like thousands of hundreds of other Indian middle class families,i live i a small house…we have only one door,the main door.Sometimes for freedom,i think it is important to be locked in a room…sounds ironic,right?But then those who have had the pleasure of having their own room won’t get it.pain is…where the pinch is!

i always dream of this freedom…freedom in my room…to get up late on weekends,freedom to watch the re-runs of my favourite series countless number of run a movie marathon throughout the night,to shut the door and turn on the volume,while listening to your favourite song…and sing along without the inhibition of being heard! To sit on the computer for hours without the guilt of possibly disturbing your sleeping sibling.To read in dim light with a hot pot of coffee, into the wee hours of night,untill you hear the birds chirping!To call your best friend for a night out just as much as you go to her place!to keep on chattering, laughing…

The freedom to take your time to get ready for any occasion,to try on numerous outfits and stare at the mirror untill you get just the perfect dress!!To throw around dirty clothes and chocolate wrappers!!To do a little dance in front of the mirror…to talk to write down your thoughts without anyone knowing just stare out of the window on a dark rainy night…

Like so many others,i live with this desire …of my own little abode..which would give me the countless trifle pleasures of life…with a hope for freedom..


5 thoughts on “countless trifle pleasures

  1. I ve been lucky on that count… and i know how much it means coz i didnt have one before… esp… dancing in front of the mirror feels wonderful! and writing without people around… and looking out the window. I Wish you your very own room soon!

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