my silence is over rated

Look at that girl…shes so smart!!hey that girl over there…so pretty!Lovely hair,deep eyes….oh..that girl..just so quite! Well…only obviously…the last girl is me!

The first thing that most people notice about me is my silence.Every one keeps telling me how rarely i talk…and less

But i like it this way…i am a simple silent person because i am comfortable with my silence!!! i like to smile silently for a moment and cry alone for hours quietly…i am in peace with myself.Most people think i am dumb or rude or shy,which i might be,but thats no reason for my silence.In fact there is no reason for my silence…its just the way i am…

Hardly anyone gets it…or likes it,…the way i am.But those few who do,they are the only ones who i can say understand me.They dont coax me to talk,or dont judge me,or complain about it…and these people make my life beautiful….i treasure them the most in my life.To them my silence is just me….by others its is just over rated!


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