i miss…

Schools reopened today.I saw my neighbours kid going to the school,first day today.I clearly remember wanting to go to the school…when my elder sister used to get ready in her uniform,it used to kill me to wait!!!I used to ask mom “mama,when do i get to go to school???” I don’t remember the first day clearly,but unlike most of the kids,my mom tells me,i never cried.And why would i??It was going to be the best phase in my life…and i miss it like crazy!!!

i miss my school building

i miss my friends S.P(my beeeeeeeest friend),S.K.(the innocent one),D.R.(the brainy one),A.R.(the tall one),A.M(the healthy one),S.N(the loud one),A.P.(the happy one),T.P.(the lost one)

i miss wearing my school uniform,and the cotton hair band

i miss polishing my shoes,at the very last moment

i miss making my friend E wait at the door,while i got ready

i miss the mass PT every saturday morning

i miss walking to the school

i miss packing my school bag according to the time-table

i miss asking my friends if they had finished their homework

i miss waiting beneath the huge Gulmohar tree before the assembly starts

i miss standing behind S.P. in a height-wise line,even though we were of the exact same height!

i miss being her bench partner,all these years

i miss singing the prayers and national anthem out loud,proudly

i miss standing up in the class to answer the roll call

i miss being the class monitor

i miss taking a pile of ‘homework notebooks’ to the staff room,and knowing exactly where that teachers locker is

i miss wanting to be a back bencher

i miss having teachers who thought i was sincere enough to be one(back bencher)

i miss sharing a textbook with my partner when one of us forgot theirs

i miss underlining important words(only) in pencil…i miss making efforts for that line to be straight

i miss learning slang and code words from the boys in the class

i miss giggling with S.P. whenever we learnt (or even invented) new code

i miss eating cashew nuts secretly in the class

i miss passing chits in the class

i miss those silly group fights

i miss making a list of friends in the order of their importance

i miss getting remarks in diary

i miss the teachers genuine concern whenever i produced a leave note saying i was sick(though i only missed school 1-2 times in the entire year)

i miss teachers shouting “ill throw you out of the class” or “one more word out of you mouth and ill take you directly to the principal” to the naughtiest kid in the class.

i miss having the desire to be taken to the principal at least once(which was never fulfilled)

i miss having 2 breaks: short recess and long recess

i miss when S.N. would always want my khichadi on Tuesdays 

i miss the excitement of planning to go to Vaishali for a treat! (it used to be quite an event)

i miss waiting for the gathering ans sports season in school

i miss the house wise rivalry that used to crop up in the class

i miss the excitement of eating a vada pav in the pvg’s canteen(which was situated in the boys hostel building)

i miss waiting for 8th std. so that i could start wearing my watch!

i miss the school exhibition and the medical checkups,and all the fun we had under their pretence

i miss R.S.P parade,badly!

i miss getting up early,perfectly on time, because we had to go to the Police Ground for R.S.P

i miss making fun of the staircase monitors,and keeping them funny nicknames

i miss sharing all wierd dreams with S.P. and S.K.

i miss those really loud sneezes on a saturday morning

i miss 10th std the most!!!!!

i miss sitting with S.P. in the window seat

i miss her fights with the boy on the front bench

i miss drooling in Science1 lectures,courtesy “Pa” ma’m

i miss english class,”I” ma’m, i miss you

i miss “Pu” ma’mwonderful treasure of stories

i miss “D” ma’m the most,i miss her telling me,that no one is perfect or innocent

i miss the boys bringing radio in the class whenever there was a match…to listening to the scores,with half fear of India losing and half anxiety of being caught

i miss the jealously of other classes,who could not stand united as our class 10th C

i miss staring out of the window whenever it rained,and engineering guys came out to play football

i miss deciding with S.P. that someday we will learn to play football,and play in rain

i miss waiting for Sanskrit classes only because i could sit with S.K.

i miss walking down school corridors,cursing every single guy standing their just to irritate us

i miss the feeling,when we knew that the end is near…

i miss deciding with my group to stay in touch always(which we still are)

i miss the farewell we had,and the feeling of genuine sorrow of leaving an institution,i will never have that feeling again

i miss my most treasured friends and the ocean of wired,silly innocent things  we used to do with not a hint of self consciousness…

those were the best days of my life!!!!


8 thoughts on “i miss…

  1. DR says:

    Its like a film was re winded and played in my mind… I cud see all of us right der!
    God those were the days!!
    Good work 🙂

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