obituary to my Gulmohar

My boring journey from home to office and back is filled with colour these days….my path is painted red,literally,by the Red Flame: Indian Gulmohar.When i see a dash of red in all the green lightens up my day!my drooly eyes light up with the red…which i otherwise don’t like at all.But Gulmohar red is unique…i mix of yellow,red and orange…not the one which will hurt your eyes nor the too-dull-to-be-called-red one…it is the perfect shade to make you feel good!

But somewhere deep in my heart,whenever i see a blazing red Gulmohar,i feel sad…it reminds me of the Gulmohar in my colony….my Gulmohar!A few years back around 20m away from my building stood a beautiful large  Gulmohar tree.Around this season,every year,i used to wake up one day to see the green crown turned in a red flame!!I used to squeak to my mom,and call her to the window to show!It was one of the oldest tree in our colony.It was a landmark…we always used to tell first time visitors…see the lane with a huge Gulmohar tree….thats where we live!I still remember,me n my friend used to water the tree from our waterbottles…while coming home from school!We did know that the small amount of water that we offered to the tree was insufficient!But my Gulmohar always swallowed it with all the love that we poured down!

Years  passed,i grew up!Life started revolving around different things and there was no time left for innocent moments with the tree.But i did notice my Gulmohar tree losing its crown and before i knew,in just a couple of months it was dead!No one knows how…though it was rumored that people staying in adjacent plot wanted to get rid of the tree and injected it to destroy it!When i heard this,i was shattered how a well-educated family could do anything like this!!!I cursed them like i never cursed anyone…from the bottom of my heart,with deep deep hatred!I dont know if it is true,but if it is,i

hope they are never blessed with the happiness of a green tree.

Today when i see the red pooping from adjacent green tress,i wish my Gulmohar had survived like these tress…it would been the largest tree in the neighbourhood.I just hope that every year many new Gulmohar get to blossom in the city…just to compensate for the loss of the tree in my colony…im sure it was ‘my Gulmohar’ for many other people in the society!


5 thoughts on “obituary to my Gulmohar

  1. richa says:

    same here. it was jst till last year dat my house was surrounded by a pallette of beautiful flowering trees. this included the gulmohar (red), jacaranda also known as neelmohar (purple), Bauhinia (pink purple), and the Weeping Wattle (yellow).

    last year, the intial days of monsoon also brought in lot of stormy weather too. it was due to this that the gulmohar tree (right at my front entrance) could not bear the strong currrents of wind and soon collapsed.
    it was such a miserable n helpless sight for me, to see a fully grown, fully flowered ‘the burning flame’ tree giving up its life to forces of nature.

  2. Prachi says:

    Yeh… i do remember that tree… have spent sooo many evenings from my school days… with all my school frnds… or rather gang of frnds beneath that Gulmohor tree… Sad that it does not stand there anymore… But i guess we all shud make an effort to plant some trees this season… in and around pune… Survival is their battle, but we can atleast help contribute…!

  3. Sneha says:

    I think you chose a wrong field… you can become a excellent/ extra ordinary writer or something sort of… 🙂
    God bless you dear!!!

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