BEING short…

I am an average short(not very short…,i think) girl by Indian standards.Not blessed with tall genes i guess….

But i have never really felt bad about it! I see many tall people around me,but i don’t hear myself going “how i wish i were that tall”.God made me like this,and i am happy about it!I have not grown fat because i am short,nor has my height …or the lack of it posed as an obstacle in my career or any daily routine activity…why should i then be mad for being short????Well, today i found an answer to this question,a reason to make wistful sigh…if only i were a bit taller!!!

The chairs at my work place are awfully uncomfortable!No armrest and fixed height.My sitting position becomes  really awkward due to this…hand pain because it remains unsupported while working on computer…and legs pain because my heels do no touch the ground!!!Initially i couldn’t understand as to why my legs my started paining since the day i started i realised.If only i were even an inch taller my entire feet could rest on ground with no pain at all!!!Who would had thought of this…pain in legs due to short height!!!

But with new chairs in pipeline,and hopefully arriving tomorrow itself, i can go back to being peace with myself…my reality…peace with the fact of being short!!!


3 thoughts on “BEING short…

  1. Dhanashree says:

    hi…. you wirte very well 🙂 and such simple things are expressed with equal ease … great work ,… do write regularly 🙂 … all the best with new chairs ,, and dont foregt good things come in small packages …

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