sweet addictions…

Each one of us is addicted to something or the other…and i am no exception.Infact,i am a perfect example.Like hundreds and thousands of others…i am addicted to my cell phone,to pink Floyd,my books…but today i discovered a new addiction that i have had for a long time,but it just dawned upon me now…my lip balm.I started using this carrot flavoured lip balm some 2 odd years ago, and have been using it since then… EVERYDAY!!!Be it any season,15*C or 40*C…i have to have that balm in my pocket.In winters,it had become such an obsession(which i wonder now,how i never noticed) that i had bought 4 tubes of the same balm and placed it in the pockets of my most used denims…for the fear of my lips turning dry…and no lip balm to the rescue!!!God frobid such an emergency situation…(i had in mind the word ‘catastrophe’…but that would be just too much exaggeration).Even now,when lips dont flake,mentally…mine do turn dry and my hand reaches out to my pocket…i dab on some balm every 2-3 hours.Today when i reached work(on time by the way!),out of no need,put just pure addiction,i reached my pocket for my precious lip balm just to realise…damn it!it wasnt there!!!i was restless all the time….almost panicky!That was when i realised of this wierd addiction i had!My mind kept going back to the lip balm…where did i keep it?in yeasterdays jeans?or somewhere at home…or did it fall out of my pocket on way to work here….

Finally when i needed i pen…around tea time(i mean coffee time…another of my addiction,on which i will elaborate some other time…and i hate tea),i opened my bag……and there it lay…at the bottom…in that lost corner!i felt rejuvenated at its sight…grabbed the balm and dabbed it on to my lips..and some more,to compensate for all those dry hours!!!And with perfectly moist,shinning and smiling lips,i went back to work,enjoying being that imperfect ordinary person…with sweet little addictions in life!!


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