For the start of a new phase in my life,i have decided to overcome one of my shortcomings…my unintentional bad habit,to which i have never openly admitted of…impunctuality!i am not always late,but yes,i am not that kind of person who makes it a point to be on time.i havent been strict on myself about this…till now

From today,i have decided to be punctual…and more organised,in general,in life.And i seem to have been successful the first day! i was at the office at sharp 9.30 am!! (but someone wasn’t,and i had to wait half an hour outside!!!).i went to job on time,and left from office on time too.My clothes lie clean and pressed,ready to be worn,my bottle filled,waiting to be picked up from the fridge…my alarm clock set at 6.30am and medicine in my bag…i am all set for tomorrow!these little little things will help me be more organised and punctual.After all Usain Bolt too (must have) started walking with baby steps!Tiny things in life are the most precious one’s,but somehow often neglected.But now  i have realised,every little thing counts, small steps are steadyl but surely going to take you closer to your goal…which for me,as of now,is being punctual!Well,the starts seems good…stay tuned,and keep a check on this space…it will keep me going!


4 thoughts on “tick-tock-tick

  1. richa says:

    i agree with you about the little things in life which should be taken care of. Iv learnt a lot from my brother when punctuality and tidiness comes into action. still, im trying to get used to it!
    keep up your efforts, so that it would keep channelizing my habits too!

  2. atreyee says:

    the same thing happened with my first day at internship! in mynervous excitement about being punctual throughout my life, i reached way before time! haha.. never been punctual since then!
    good going gurl! all the best to make those baby steps an absolute jogging trot!

  3. Prachi says:

    I absolutely agree to that. Am myself making an effort to be punctual…
    Esp for my office bus 😦 But they say try try till u succeed and thats what i am doing… Am sure u’ll also succeed one day… 🙂

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