to new beginnings..

Here’s to the new beginnings!Its not just a new beginning of a month,but some new hopes,new anxiety,new ventures,new self-exploration…and a new -never-experienced-before-phase of life.And of course,new interactions,new revelations and a whole new unexplored world of “BLOGs”.

To start with,i am a simple 23 year old girl, born and brought up in the lovely city of Pune(Maharashtra,INDIA).In many ways, i am a typical Puneri,and really proud of it too!But in many other ways, i am a complete non conventional.Even though i have been brought up in a typical  midddle class Indian family,my thoughts have managed to remain unorthodox.i can accept and understand anything and anyone in my life.

Now,i start a new job(architectural internship), a second attempt to learning guitar,and this precious (to me) thing – new blog!Writing is the one thing i enjoy the most in life, and have been looking forward to this wonderful medium.So here it is!My expression,my thoughts,my feelings…with no inhibitions and filled with love: Earthymind!

P.S: use of small “i” is to denote that i am just a tiny being in the huge world,with a humble ego!


2 thoughts on “to new beginnings..

  1. Prachi says:

    I have been dying to start a new blog… 😦 have not succeeded as yet.
    But cheers to your new begining 🙂

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